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That white lace...

Hi guys, I'm having an extra hour on my hands, so I thought why not take advantage of it and bring you a new outfit post !  Curious about today? Well, it's something super sweet and cute for summer, something I've been wanting to try out for sometime now. See, I know white lace for this season is just so utterly perfect that I fell for this dress ever since I laid eyes on it... sunny days, here I am ! 

What I wore: - Lookbookstore dress - Hugo Boss sandals - New Look clutch 
I've always liked these sandals from Hugo Boss, but I find that they make my feel look monster-ish. Do you think so as well? 😑
Thank you for checking out the blog, guys! I cannot wait to be back tomorrow with yet another outfit post ^^

Kisses, R.

Beautiful pain

Good morning everyone, I still have about 27h left and I didn't made neither of my bags. I have another long day ahead and I just can't wait to part for new horizons. But until then, I'm back with a new outfit post for you ladies and gents :) This is more of a casual summer to autumn transit outfit, to say the least ! 

What I wore: - Rosegal sweater - Mango leggings - Splendid booties - Zara bag

I really hope you'll like this cute look, the cuteness is given, of course, by my squirrel sweater :)
Kisses, R.


Hello sweeties, Today I'm a bit late with the normal outfit post, but I'm still here and willing to give you every single day a new idea on how to dress ! Since I love flower print so much, you can only imagine how I felt when I found this awesome jumpsuit at Closet London! It's totally to-die-for !  Wear it on a daily basis or add a statement necklace to transform it into evening wear :)

What I wore: - Closet London jumpsuit - Schutz sandals - Zara purse
So, what do you think about this fab look? :)
Kisses, R.

Colorful Summer

Hello sweeties, As you probably saw in my Instagram stories a couple of days ago, I had the pleasure to see for myself how Pixels products are, how the platform works and what to expect as a buyer/seller. Moreover, I think I've stumbled upon a good moment to try out their stuff, as they had a wide range of beach products just coming out. To know more about Pixels and what they stand for, you can check out this link. I chose a pack (of the two available ones) and this is what I got:
- two super cute coffee mugs
- two external battery chargers for your phone ( btw I actually tried one of them and it's amazing! It charges your phone 2x times!)
- pouches for your belongings; perfect to go to the beach with or to take them on your travels)
- a beach tote; quite big to fit all your stuff !
- towels towels towels! great quality, super big, amazing print and not to mention, good for beach and bathroom ! 

- now these round beach towels are my faves, especially the pineapple one ! How …


Hi guys, The new week has just started and I just cannot wait to share with you every single day a brand new outfit post! For today I have a casual one that can be put together quite quick !  I really love the fact that I get to try all kind of styles and even though some of them fit me better then others, I still like to diversify 

What I wore: - Gamiss hoodie - Guess jeans - Zara shoes - Forever21 bag

So, how do you like the new look?
Kisses, R.


Hi guys, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. The weather here in Belgium isn't very nice, but I heard that in Romania is also quite cold for this time of the year, which is odd... but maybe the nice sun will come back so we can have summer back !  I'm back today with a really cute outfit that I'm in love with ! It's a bit cold for this one, it's true, but I shot it like a couple of days ago and I thought I should share it today :)

What I wore: - Chicwish dress - Zara sandals - Sfera clutch
How do you find the look, guys? Is this something you'd wear? ^^
Kisses, R.

Green velvet

Hello people!  How are you? How is your weekend going? I'm back with a new outfit post and since it's Saturday, I thought I'd bring you a Saturday night outfit :). This dress is perfect to go out in ! Plus, as the temperatures now are under 20C in the evening, the velvet fabric got you covered. 

What I wore: - Gamiss dress - Guess shoes - Mango purse

Really hope you like the look, guys! See you tomorrow :)
Kisses, R.